Core Principles

Broadcast Suite uses three basic elements within its configuration:

  • Triggers are single measurement values which are linked to a certain device. These can be either binary states (e.g. power supply failed / OK) or arbitrary measurement data (text/number values) which values match, exceed or fall below a given threshold.
  • One or more triggers are linked to an Event. Each event can combine the triggers either with a logical AND or a logical OR. Triggers can be assigned to multiple events.
  • Whenever the status of an event changes, a set of Actions will be executed. A wide range of actions is supported, for example, e-mail notifications, SNMP, Ember+, scripts and more.

Operating Principles

On every page in the configuration section, the individual entries are shown as a table:


Above each table you will find the following settings:

Service Mode

The Service Mode disables the execution of all actions until it is deactivated again. This is especially useful during a planned system maintenance where you want to avoid alerts.