Property Description Default Value
Core IP-Address or Hostname Address on which the GUI can reach the Broadcast Suite Core API
Listen Port Core API Listen port of the Broadcast Suite Core API 8085
Pulse Duration Length of a pulse in milliseconds (affects only triggers where the option pulse is enabled) 250
Startup Actions List of action UIDs (comma-separated) which will be executed during startup empty
Shutdown Actions List of action UIDs (comma-separated) which will be executed during shutdown empty
WebSocket Port TCP Port used for WebSocket connections 444
Use WebSockets over TLS (WebSocket Secure) If enabled, WebSocket connections will use TLS 0


Property Description Default Value
Station Name Station / site identification name SLG Broadcast Suite
Date Format Date format used in the GUI dd.MM.yyyy
Time Format Time format used in the GUI
Purge log data after # days Period after which log data and deleted items are purged 30
Show dashboard without login If enabled, the Dashboard is shown for every user (without login) 1


Property Description Default Value
Use Proxy Server 1 = Proxy server enabled, 0 = disabled 0
Address Proxy server address (IP or hostname, must start with http:// or https://) empty
Port Port of proxy server 80
Username If an username is set, proxy authentication is being used empty
Password Password for proxy authentication empty
Bypass proxy for local addresses 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled 0


Property Description Default Value
SMTP Server SMTP Server empty
SMTP Port Listen port of SMTP server 25
FROM address Sender / from address used in e-mail notifications empty
Username Username for SMTP server empty
Password Password empty
Use SSL 1 = SSL enabled, 0 = SSL disabled 0


Property Description Default Value
Default switch-on time Default switch-on time in seconds 0
Default switch-off time Default switch-off time in seconds 0


Property Description Default Value
Ember+ Provider Listen Port Listen port of Ember+ provider (Broadcast Suite Core) 9000


Property Description Default Value
API Key API Key used for Telegram actions. API keys can be obtained here. empty